What is Sales Prospecting?

sales prospecting

Sales prospecting is the method to search clients or buyers to find the potential client. Although, the ultimate goal is to develop new clients and business. It is the task of sales team to move forward client into sales funnel. There are many ways for prospecting including cold calling, sending mail, online research.

Original meaning of Prospecting 

The real meaning of prospecting refers to searching for mineral deposits or gold mining. Sales prospecting starts from defining the ideal customer and then creating the buyer persona profile. It requires lots of research and analytical skills.

The original meaning of prospecting is the search for mineral deposits or gold mining. In this case, prospectors are people who search for gold, identifying places where it can be found. Once discovered, they sit by the river and check mounds of dirt for just a few specks of gold.

What is Sales Prospecting and How it Works?

A prospect is an organization or potential client who resembles the sellers ideal customer profile but has not yet expressed interest in their products or services.

Prospecting Method 

There are many ways for sales prospecting. But for this, you should be aware about the ideal customer profile. Then only, you can opt for right prospecting method. Different methods of sales prospecting are as follows-

  • Calling existing clients
  • Cold Calling
  • Sending warm emails
  • Reaching out at event
  • Calling past clients

There are various online methods for sales prospecting.

Linkedin Groups

  Linkedin groups helps in finding out the new customers as well as old ones. They are good for raising brand awareness as well as establishing itself as industry expert. You can apply various sales prospect method to get new clients. Comment, answer and ask questions, and share useful information with your potential prospects.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups also helps companies in prospecting. Although most of potential group on facebook are closed. They would accept your request only when you would answer their questions.


Quora has also emerged as one of the best tool for sales prospecting. Here, you can find the customer as per your marketing and sales goals. It is question and answer platform.  First, you need to filter out the questions that your customer might ask. Then prepare answer accordingly.

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