How to Use B2B Database for Maximum Lead Generation ?

how to use B2B database


Realtime, Refined B2B Database is major asset for the Sales Team. But the success can be achieved by putting the efforts into right direction. For that reason, you must know the right ways to use B2B database for maximum ROI. There are many parameters need to be followed while using B2B database to achieve sales goals.

The foremost thing is to avail data only from trusted source. It is first step to increase the chances of success ratio. The other quality parameters are define your niche, database segmentation, quality of email campaign, effectiveness of communication, selection of right contact points.


Best Ways to Use B2B Database for Maximum Lead Generation ?

Define Targeting

Every industry has niche from where they want to generate maximum leads. So first, you need to create the picture of detailed targeting. Many companies do the spamming with data by not selecting niche or clearly defining it. It may annoy the target audience and decrease brand reputation. So, clearly defining the target audience is first step to use B2b database in correct way.

B2B Database Segmentation

Marketing can bring results only if the message is shown only to target audience. So while purchasing B2B database into bulk, create the small segments of data.  It will help in creating the customized message for every small segment of audience. Targeting is very important for the success of any campaign. For example- if you have database of manufacturing companies in Delhi. Then you can segment database into various segments like Small, MNC, Startup, Public Ltd, Top manufacturing companies in Delhi. Create the customized message accordingly then only you will get the high ROI.

Avail Data from Trusted Service Provider

It is very important to avail the data from only trusted service provider. Fundoodata is leading B2B database provider. Verified data can only help you in achieving the defined goals. Inaccurate B2B data may waste the sales team efforts as it has been put into inaccurate place. It also increases the cost of lead generation for your company.So work only on quality database to save time and money. Otherwise your sales team will keep on struggling to get the qualified leads.

Maintain the Quality of Email Campaigns 

Any company can increase B2B sales by sending quality mails. So, apply a perfect email marketing strategy to attain maximum output. It is necessary to maintain the quality the email campaign by writing good content and marketing practices. There are some B2B email marketing strategy that can help you to achieve the results-

1- Write Attractive Subject line

2- Don’t mislead the customer by fake promises.

3- Keep your copy informative rather than sales oriented

4- Give call to action

5- Send only to targeted people

6- Avoid use of heavy images.

Effectiveness of Communication

Effective message is essential whether you are communicating through mail, call, brochure, letter and any other medium. The practice of effective and customized communicated should always be followed to achieve the maximum output from your efforts.

Practice Account Based Marketing

Company Database acquired from trusted source can help you to achieve Account Based Marketing Goals by developing customized message.

ABM is common terminology these days among sales and marketing professionals. It is the type of marketing strategy that clearly targets the different set of accounts. It works on the basis of personalized campaigns. In account based marketing, the message is designed in such a way that it caters to the specific set of audience. ABM has become an effective method to increase B2B sales. Account based marketing is popular approach of marketing.

Assign Database only to One Person

The best way to use B2B database is to assign it only in one person hand. And that team member should distribute it to others. Otherwise, it may spoil company reputation while connecting same person by two team members. It could be annoying for the client and reflect the irresponsible behavior of company.

Choose the Right Contact Points

There are may be different contact points to close the B2B sales deals. Connecting with the right people can drive the sales growth. For example- if you are connecting with purchase department for HR related software is completely wrong choice. You need to connect with someone who take care of HR software updates. It can be someone from IT department or HR Head. It depends on the company to company.

By following all these parameters, you can achieve the expected results from B2b database.

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