Top Australian Companies in India


australian companies in India

Check the list of top Australian companies in India

ANZ Operations and Technology

The company is an integral part of ANZ’s Technology Services and Operations division. The company is major part of ANZ’s Operations division and technology services.

ANZ established its Mumbai branch in 2011 and today supports institutional and corporate clients in India. The company has opened new branches in Gurgaon, Bengaluru.

FCM Travel Solutions India Pvt Ltd

The  company was the part of flight center travel group. It is leading global travel management company. It is award winning global management company. It is part of flight center travel group. It is public listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Its specialist divisions are mining and resources, VIP, VISA and Immigration, Marine & Offshore. FCM major products business travel solutions, specialist divisions and consulting, group travel, meetings and events. The company’s different products are car, hotel, visa, airport and insurance program.

Advanced Hair Studio

The company was founded in the year 1970. It was established as Advanced Hair Studio. It is one of the leading hair restoration companies in US. It offers highly effective procedure for hair restoration and replacement. It provides advanced hair check, laser therapy, flash points, fitness program, home program, supernatural by AHS, Strand by Strand Cosmetic etc.

Austral 3D Global Pty Ltd

In today’s global environment most companies require access to low cost labor and all the other benefits associated with manufacturing in less regulated countries. The company also include machining center. It is equipped with latest CNC and conventional machines. The company is involved in making high precision component for engineering and auto components industry including moldings, castings, forgings and die steels.

Linfox Logistics India Pvt Ltd

The company has established its operations in the year 2006. It has various operating sites across the country servicing global FMCG, Beverage and Industrial Customers in India. Linfox employees thousands of people from different cultures and geographies. The company is integrated and in plant supply chain provider for in country logistics and complex logistics challenges

In India, Linfox employs almost 2,500 people from various geographies and cultures within the country to manage their 1.9 million square feet of warehousing space. We are an integrated and in plant supply chain solutions provider for in country logistics and complex logistics challenges throughout India. We service key markets throughout the North, West and South of India with an established distribution network for providing last mile solutions.

Westpac Banking Corporation

The company was founded in the year 1817 as Westpac Banking Corporation. Its provides wide range of products including consumer banking, investment banking, global wealth management, mortgages,  private equity, credit cards, finance and insurance etc.

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