List of Top 10 Solar Companies in India

list of top solar companies in India

The word “solar” has created buzz everywhere due to climate change. The time came when demand for solar energy is going to be very high. It can be estimated from the  growth of solar companies in India. Here is the list top 10 ten solar companies in India.

Tata Power Solar Systems LtdThe leading Indian solar company is headquartered in Bangalore. It is India’s biggest integrated solar company. The company is creating innovative solar products. The main vision of this leading Indian Solar company is to enable solar everywhere. The products and services are as follows-

  • Creating Innovative solar products
  • Cutting Edge Manufacturing
  • EPC services for solar power projects

EMMVEEThe solar company is manufacturing and developing high-performance solar systems. It is also into the development of photovoltaic systems and mono- and polycrystalline in Bengaluru. The company is offering various products such as solar applications, photovoltaic modules, and solar water heating systems. It is operating since 1992.

Icomm Tele LtdIt is among the top 10 solar companies in India. The company was started in the year 1989. It has a presence in various countries like Nepal, Africa, Middle East, Bangladesh, Srilanka. It is offering different solutions for Defense, Power, telecom, solution, and infrastructure sector. The company has advanced design and research capabilities.

Indosolar LtdThe company was started in the year 2008 by Mr. Bhushan Kumar Gupta. He is also the founder of Phoenix Lamps Ltd. The company uses world class manufacturing techniques. It is offering solar products for local and international markets. The top Indian solar company is offering world class manufacturing techniques. It has the capacity of producing 450 MW.

Kotak Urja Pvt Ltd The company was started in the year 1997 in Bangalore. It was started with the purpose to manufacture solar water heater and other innovative solar products which can be used in our day to day life. The company belongs to KOTAK Group which was established in the year 1927. It is offering wide array of services.

Moser Baer Solar Ltd (MBSL)- It is one of the leading solar companies in India. It is the subsidiary of Moser Baer India Ltd. As per mentioned in company website, its total capacity is 250 MW in split technology. It is offering following types of products-

  • Crystalline Silicon Cells and Modules
  • Thin Film Modules

The top Indian solar company is offering smart energy solutions in the following SPV systems categories.

  • Stand Alone Battery Backed
  • Grid Connect
  • Grid/DG/Wind Hybrid

Photon Energy Systems LtdThe company has started its operations in the year 1997-98. It has received financial assistance from Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency Ltd. It offers the wide range of solar products including Solar Water Pumps, Solar Rooftop Power Plants, Solar Water Heating Systems, Solar Lanterns, Solar PV Modules, Megawatt Solar Power Plants etc. It has module manufacturing unit located in Hyderabad. The company is leading manufacturer of reliable solar energy systems. The top solar company has also expertise in Solar Thermal, Solar Power Plants and Solar Photovoltaics etc.

Vikram Solar Pvt LtdIt is leading solar energy solution provider. Vikram Solar Pvt Ltd is offering comprehensive EPC solutions and module manufacturing. It has also made its international presence. The company is offering the wide array of solar products.

Waaree Energies LtdThe company was founded in the year 1989. It is offering various other solutions besides solar energy such as Industrial Valves, Process Control Instrumentation, Solar Energy. It is one of the top solar companies in India. The company has also made its global presence.

Websol Energy System Ltd- It is among the top solar companies in India. The company was started in the year 1990. The company was started with the vision to give the solution for global energy needs. In initial days, the leading solar company had to confront with various problems.

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