Top 10 printing companies in india


List of top 10 printing companies in India are as follows-

DIC India Ltd

DIC India is a part of DIC Corporation of Japan. It is one of the top 10 printing companies in India. The company is leading name into the field of printing, publishing and packaging Industry segment. It is serving top-of-the-line newspapers, packaging, magazines, and other printing companies in the country. DIC India is providing a range of products and services including Printing Inks, Print Finish, Ancillary Service, Lamination Adhesive, Chemical Solution Material etc.

ESPB((Education and Stationery Products Business)

ITCs Education Programme is designed to provide children from weaker sections access to education with focus on learning outcomes and retention. Improvement in infrastructure at identified government primary schools/ aganwadi is an important feature of programme with the aim of creating an attractive and enabling learning environment through ‘ child friendly schools’ . Parents participation is actively encouraged to develop collaborative partnership.

Gopsons Papers Ltd

It is one of the top 10 printing companies in India. It known for implementing printing with latest technology.

Multivista Global Pvt Ltd

The company was started in the year 1974 by Mr. S. Rajagopal. The company is mainly focusing on two business domains including-

  • State of the art Printing Services
  • Distribution of Industrial Products and Services

The company is serving various regions such as USA, Latin America, New Zealand, Europe, Australia, Middle East and South East Asia.  Mutivista believes in adapting new technologies and venturing into new markets.

Orient Press Ltd

The company is leading the field of printing and packaging industry. Orient Press is offering state-of-the-art machines and equipment. It is serving the requirement of major FMCG and MNCs across different industries. Orient Press is mainly into three verticals including printed cartons, flexible packaging as well as commercial & security printing.

Parksons Packaging Ltd

It is leading printing company that specializes in book production and commercial printing. Parksons Graphics is serving printing needs of export houses, corporate, publishers and advertising agencies. The company is known for its high quality printing capabilities. It is serving the printing requirements of various industries including exporters, apparel & textile companies, FMCG, cosmetic, media and entertainment etc.

Replika Press Pvt Ltd

Replika Press Pvt Ltd is one of the top integrated printing presses of India. The company is providing printing services across different geographies and international borders. The company is offering various range of services. It includes typesetting & pre-press, printing, post-press and digital printing.

Srinivas Fine Arts Pvt Ltd

Srinivas Fine Arts was founded in the the year 1964 by Mr R, Chockalingam as a print trading company. In its starting phase, it was dealing with print production of textile labels, The company is known for implementing latest technologies in the field of binding, packaging, pre press, printing and print finish. The company is known for fulfilling highest international printing standards.

Stovec Industries Ltd

It is one of the top 10 printing companies in India. Stovec Industries is offering a range of products including

Ink & Screens- Ink is used for digital textile printing. Screen is label printing, textile printing and used in Industrial applications.

Printing Equipment- Digital Textile, Rotary Screen Textile, Rotary Label, Wallpaper and Security, Digital Decor Industrial Printing Equipment.

Engraving Equipment- Engraving Service, Pre-Print for textile printing, Pre-Press for label printing etc.

Thomson Press India Ltd

The company was founded in the year 1967 by Founder of Thomson Corporation. Thomson Press is offering a wide range of products. It includes Trade and reference book, thin paper products, dated products, magazines and periodicals etc.

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