Top 10 Leather Manufacturing Companies in India

leather manufacturing companies in India

Check the list of top 10 leather manufacturing companies in India-

Bata India Ltd

The company was founded in the year 1984 by Tomas Batra. It is headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland. Bata India product range includes Footwear, Accessories and Clothing. Besides India, it is serving Africa, Asia, Europe and Latin America. The company is Swiss multinational shoe maker based in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Bhartiya International Ltd

Bhartiya is one of the top exporter of leather apparel. It is serving global clients since 1990. Its production facilities are in Bangalore-Chennai region of South India.

Farida Group

It is one of the top 10 leather manufacturing companies in India. The company is leading manufacturer of good quality men and women footwear and finished leather. It operates into three business segments including leather, uppers and shoe manufacturing units. The group has various companies which are as follows-

  • Farida Shoes Pvt Ltd
  • Arcot Soles Pvt Ltd
  • Farida Classic Shoes Pvt Ltd
  • Delta Shoes Pvt Ltd
  • Farida Leather Ware Private Limited
  • Farida Prime Tannery
  • India Shoes Exports Private Limited
  • Kenmore Shoes Private Limited
  • Farida Tannery PLC- Ethiopia

Lakhani Armaan Group

The group came into existence in the year 1966 with Lakhani Rubber Works, an automotive components manufacturing company established by Mr K C Lakhani.

Now company is involved in the business of manufacturing beach slippers, canvas shoes and sports shoes. The group companies are Lakhani Footwear, Lakhani Rubber Products Pvt Ltd, Lakhani Shoes & Apparels Pvt Ltd, Mascot Footcare etc . It is involved into manufacturing of footwear for men, children and ladies.

Liberty Shoes Ltd

Liberty Shoes was founded in the year 1954 by Dharam Pal Gupta, Purshotam Das Gupta and Rajkumar Bansal by the name of Pal Boot House. It is headquartered in Karnal Haryana. It is one of the top 10 Leather Manufacturing Companies in India.

Mayur Uniquoters Ltd

The company is top manufacturer of artificial leather/ PVC vinyl. Mayur Uniquoters has made its place in ‘Forbes Asia Top 200 under $1Bn enterprises’ in the Asia Pacific region. Mayur Uniquoters is offering artificial leather for automotive, footwear, furnishing, leather goods & garments.

Metro Shoes Ltd

Metro Shoes Ltd was founded in the year 1947 by Malik Tejani. It has multi-brand footwear retail chain in India. The company is known for its skilled craftsmanship, unmatched quality and high fashion product in the footwear industry. It has network of Metro showrooms in the entire country. It offers huge collection of footwear and accessories.

Mirza International Ltd ( Red Tape )

The company was started in the year 1979. It is preferred supplier of leather to leading international brands. It is one of the top 10 leather manufacturing companies in India.

Relaxo Footwears Ltd

The company was started in the year 1976 and it is headquartered in New Delhi. It is offering a huge range of fashionable, comfortable, durable and colorful footwear collection for children, women and men.

In 1976, two brothers Mukund Lal Dua & Ramesh Kumar Dua dreamed to take their father’s footwear business to what Relaxo is today – one of the leading and most popular footwear companies in India. It has various sub-brands such as Sparx, Bahamas, Flite, Schoolmate and Relaxo Hawaii.

Superhouse Ltd

Superhouse Ltd is multi-unit and multi-product conglomerate. It is leader into the field of footwear manufacturing and exports. The company produces all types of leather goods, quality leather and textile garments.

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