How to Save Water? Ways to Conserve Water

how to save water

In our day to day life, there are many things that can be done to save water. We all can save lots of water by bringing change in daily routine. There are many ways to conserve water. It is our moral duty to conserve water.

                                                                            In-House Water Saving Techniques

Check the Leak Outs

First, check for the leak outs in faucets, pipes, and toilets. Many times we ignore the small but consistent leak outs. It is the main reason for water wastage. Check for all your leak outs. If there is even small leak out, ask for the plumber. According to the facts huge amount of water waste due to leak outs and fitting of bad quality faucets, toilets, and pipes.

Use Ultra Low Flush Toilets

According to statistic, a huge amount of water waste in toilet flushes. In many houses, very heavy flow flush toilets are used. It is one of the main reason for water wastage. By using ultra low flush toilets, lots of water can be saved.

Wash Vegetables in a Utensil

A huge amount of water waste in washing vegetables every day. You are required to wash vegetables 3-4 times. Washing vegetables directly under the tap may waste lots of water. So it is better to use the utensil to wash vegetables. It will conserve lots of water that waste due to washing vegetables directly under the tap.

Tap Off While Brushing

It is very important to save water while brushing teeth. Keep tap off while brushing teeth. Also keep the flow of tap slow.

Full Your Washing Machine

Keep washing machine full as per the capacity. By doing this, you can decrease the no of times for washing clothes.

Decrease Shower Time

You can save lots of water by decreasing shower time. Instead of using the shower, use the bucket to wash hair. Also, minimize the shower flow.

                                                                          Outdoor Water Saving Techniques

Outdoor water saving techniques are as follows-

Don’t Throw Water on Road

Don’t throw water on the road just to remove dust. It can be done by using brow.

Don’t Use Water Pipe to Clean Car

Don’t use the water pipe to the clean car. You can use a wet cloth to clean water. According to the statistic, a huge of waste in cleaning the car. You can save lots of water by using the wet cloth to clean car.

Throw Only Required Amount of Water on Plants

Throw only required amount of water on plants. Don’t give the overdose of water to plants.

Use Water Meter

Using water meter is one of the best methods to conserve water. It will let you know the amount of water waste.

Cover Swimming Pools

Lots of water dry away in swimming pool due to evaporation during summers. So always cover your swimming pools. It will also keep swimming pool water clean for a long time.

Maintain Sprinkles for Gardening

While sprinkles for gardening instead of directly using the pipe. By using sprinkle, you give more spread more water even in less amount.

Use Broom to Clean Road

Many People use water to clean road. It can also be done by Broom. They keep on wasting water for hours just to clean roads. Although it can be done by broom and later you can sprinkle water. There is no need to waste water by using the pipe.

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