Sales Interview Questions & Answers

sales interview questions

Sales is booming career in today’s time. You just need to have caliber to prove yourself and do hard work. Although smart work and presence of mind is very important. You are also judged on the basis of qualification and problem solving approach. There are many commonly asked sales interview questions which you must know. Although, you may asked questions related to your organization which are as follows-

Why have you expressed interest in this Position?

It is most commonly asked in question in sales interview. The HR must ask this question from you. So you should ready to answer this question. They really want to know your interest in the organization.

Why You Want to Left Your Previous Organization?

HR may ask you this question to know about job stability in your career. It is very important for HR to know that why you have want to left your current organization. Otherwise it became difficult for to select you as right candidate.

What Motivates You to Achieve Your Sales Targets?

Sales is tough job. It is very important for you to stay motivated to achieve your sales target. Every month you need to achieve your sales target.

What was your performance in Last Organization?

HR wants to know the about your performance in last organization. In that situation, it become necessary to answer her query tactfully if you have not achieved the assigned sales target.

Sell Me this Book?

That question may be raised during the interview when you are going to make entry level job. You may ask to convince the interviewer. Ball may be in your court if you get success in convincing the interviewer.

What do you know about our Company?

It is most possible sales interview question. Here you will be asked to tell about the company where you have applied for the job. So whenever you are going for the sales job, must collect some information about the company where you have applied.

What is Your Career Goal?

You must be wonder that why the interviewer ask this question. Actually he is trying to know his desire to grow into your career. Desire to move forward to achieve particular goal is very important in life. If you have not set your long term career goal then you cannot achieve even small goals. So it became essential for you to describe your long term career goal.

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