Sales Closing Questions

sales closing questions

Are you looking for the sales closing questions that can drive conversion for the website? If yes then you are at right place. There could be many ways to convert lead into sales.  Here are some sales closing questions that would convert into leads.

How did you hear about us?

There are many ways that could help companies to find you online. There are many ways through companies can find you. Finding out is not the only option. There are many question that could be related to you-

  • Find out why the prospective client is interested in you?
  • What make them to talk to you?
  • What attracted them as a visitor?
  • Is our USP is more interesting than the competitors.

What kind of support you required from our side? 

Just keep into this mind that you are not selling product. You are selling the solution of client problems. You should always be ready to provide all types of support to the company. Always ready for the after sales service. There might be various question related to support.

  • Do you want to train every person of team?
  • Do you are required any step by step guide in video format?
  • Ask about the after sales service expectation.
  • Is any kind of customized required?

What types of problems you are facing? 

Every business has problem areas. That are very important to sought out. Create the list of problems that customer is facing as well as the solution you are offering with that. You might have done lots of research about the company. But the actual scenario can be understand only after discussing with decision maker of the company. It is crucial to deliver the real value to the customers to show the value for money.

What is your planning for next five years?

Next five years might be going to crucial for the company. The prospect have different investment plans for core areas. You can also give your contributing in deciding the road-map of company and contribute into their growth.

Should we required any other previous integration with our software?

The company might be using some software previously.  It would be great for company if you offer previous software integration. Otherwise, you might loose deal at last moment. You should hire staff previously to complete this purpose. It is one of the very important sales closing question.

If you don’t want to make with us deal then why?

Prospective client is forwarding the meeting schedule every time. If he is doing so then evaluation is required. He might be discussing the things with the competitor. You should be smart enough so that the opportunity should not be missed.

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