Outbound Lead Generation Process


Outbound lead generation process is easy. But, you should follow step by step process to get most out from it. Follow all the guidelines, create effective communication, clear your goals for outbound lead generation.

Define Buyer Personas 

First define the personas of your prospective buyer. It is first step of outbound lead generation process. You can’t reach to set goal if not clear about the target audience.  Every business has a set of audience that they would like to target. Gain the in-depth knowledge of the audience. Then only, you can pitch them with the problem solving approach. Do the in-depth analysis of their industry trends. It will give the clear about the competition and challenges in front of your target customers.

Set Your Budget 

Every company has limitation regarding the budget. So, you should be familiar with the budget before creating any strategy. Setting budget would help in allocating it as per the sales goals. You can also define the mediums that you can use in particular set of budget.

Define Medium To Reach Target Audience

There can be different mediums to communicate with your audience. Find out where your audience would be available. Adding right medium is one of the most crucial step of outbound lead generation process. Email marketing and cold calling is one of the effective medium in B2B.

Co-ordinate with Marketing Team for Communication

Creating an effective communication is outbound lead generation process that must be followed. Co-ordinate with the marketing team for creating a communication that can work as lead magnet.

Allocate Timings to Run Campaign 

Choose the perfect timing to shoot the campaign. Sending message on right time play crucial role in bringing sales from marketing effort.  So, first do the case study of your business and industry associated with it. Pitching the customer on right time works as goldmine for the business.

Wait for the Response

Be patience and wait for the response of prospective customer. Don’t bother them with the expectation of quick response. Let them to think upon and do the research about  your company and services.

Make Followups 

Make followup with the client after waiting for the certain period of time. Followup after short duration would annoy the client. Follow up can be done on email or chat that is depend upon the original mode of communication. It is essential step of outbound lead generation process.

Measure Results 

Measure results once you are done with outbound marketing campaign. It would help in creating  more effective strategy and putting the budget into right place.

Optimize the Campaign

Create the report of campaign and optimize the performance accordingly. Campaign optimization is important to improve the performance. There are various areas of improvement such as targeting, communication message, prospect list etc.

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