Major Industries in Chennai


Automobile is one of the major industries in Chennai. It is also popular for software, electronic hardware as well as engineering and procurement industry. It is also well known for hardware manufacturing and financial services, petrochemicals, textiles and apparels. The city has a fully computerized stock exchange called the Madras Stock Exchange.It is also known for its high quality living standard among all metro cities. Here is some information about Industries in Chennai-


Chennai is also referred as Detroit of Asia. It is center of large number of automotive companies including Caterpillar, TI Cycles, Renault, Nissan, PTV, Royal Enfield, TAFE, Yamaha, Mahindra & Mahindra, Ford, Mitsubishi, BMW, Hyundai. The center of world leading automobile companies manufacturing plants. Chennai is also having world’s second largest research valley, The Mahindra Research Valley.

Automobile Companies in Chennai

Electronics Hardware

Chennai is hub of electronic manufacturing companies like Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Siements, Flextronic. Its most of electronic and hardware manufacturing plants are located in Sriperumbudur Electronics SEZ. Chennai is one of leading electronics hardware exporter in India. Top companies like Ericsson, Alcatel, Texas, Xerox, Nokia Corporation, Texas Instruments, Siemens are having research facilities in Chennai. Many other big companies are having plan to set up research firms in Chennai.

Software Services

Software Industry is majorly contributing in the economic growth of City. Major software companies in Chennai are Accenture, DXC Technology, Capgemini, Wipro, CSS Corp, Tech Mahindra, Amazon, PayPal, Tata Consultancy Services, eBay, Honeywell, IBM, Infosys, Ramco, Ford Sync.

Software/IT Companies in Chennai

Medical Tourism

Chennai is considered as the Health Capital of India and preferred destination for medical tourism in India. . It is center of some of the best healthcare institutions like Apollo Hospitals, Fortis Healthcare, Madras Medical Mission, Adyar Cancer Institute, Sri Ramchandra Medical Center. Some of the major spheres of medical tourism of Chennai are neurological problems, plastic surgery, cancer, heart surgery and orthopaedic procedures.

Hospitals & Healthcare Companies in Chennai

Entertainment Industry

The city is home for Tamil entertainment including television, motion pictures and recorded music industry. It second largest in India after Bollywood. The industry is mainly referred as Kollywood as it is mainly centered on local area called Kodambakkam.

Entertainment Companies in Chennai

Petrochemicals & Textiles

It is one of the major industries in Chennai. It has manufacturing facility ranging from small to large scale manufacturing facilities, auto ancillary plants and petrochemicals. The company is center of large number of apparel industries which are located in Ambattur-Padi Industrial Zone. There are many other developments are taking place into that industry.

Garment & Textile Companies in Chennai

Banking & Finance

Chennai is referred as Banking Capital of India. The city has emerged as one of the top destination for banking industry in last few years. Some of the leading financial institutions in Chennai are The Royal Bank of Scotland, Deutsche Bank, Asian Development Bank, Goldman Sachs, Allianz, Standard Chartered Bank, Citibank, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, Asian Development Bank BNP Paribas etc.

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