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Looking for Jewellery Companies Database? Fundoodata provides jewellery companies database turnoverwise, employeewise, MNC jewelery, Top Jewellery Company etc.

Overview of Jewellery Industry

India is major hub of global jewellery market. It is center of low cost and high skilled labor. The Government of India has viewed the sector as a thrust area for export promotion.  The cutting and polishing industry is also very much supported by government policies.

Public Sector 

Leading BSE listed jewellery companies are PC Jewelers, Thangamayil, Goneka Diamond, Golkunda Diamonds & Jewellery, Lypsa Gems & Jewellery, Radhika Jeweltech, Tara Jewels etc.

Public Sector Gems , Jewellery , Watches Companies 

Private Sector

916 Epari Jeweller, A B Jewels, A Sirkar & Company Jewellers, Uday Jewellery, Atlas Jewellery, Bhakti Gems, Patdiam Jewellery etc.

Private Sector Gems, Jewellery, Watch Company

MNC Jewellery Companies

Pranda Jewelry, LVMH Watch & Jewellery, Eurostar Diamonds India, Rio Tinto Diamonds are leading MNC jewelries companies.

MNC Gems & Jewellery Companies

Industry’s Top Jewelries Companies

A B Jewels, A Geeripai Jewellery, A S Motiwala Fine Jewellery, A Star Jewellery, Aarel Jewellers, Amore Jewels are among the top jewelry companies.

                                                      Top Jewelry Companies Turnover-wise

1-10 Turnover Companies – A K Jewellers, Adbhut Jewells, Adbhut Jewells, Alankar Jewelarts, Ami Gems & Jewellery

1-10 Jewelery Core Turnover Companies 

10-100 Turnover Companies- 916 Epari Jewellery, A Geeripai Jewellery, A Himanshu Jewelery, A Star Jewellery, Abhishek Gems & Jewellers.

10-100 Jewelery Crore Turnover Companies

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