Indian Railways Database


Overview of India Railways Database

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Top Indian Railways Database

Top railways in India are as follows-

  • Angul Sukinda Railway Ltd
  • Centre for Railways Information Systems(CRIS)
  • Diesel Locomotive Works(DLW)
  • Indian Railway Welfare Organisation
  • Kochi Metro Rail Ltd
  • Cimmco Ltd etc

MNC Railway Companies 

MNC Railways Companies in India are as follows-

  • Alstom Transport India Ltd
  • Siemens Rail Automation Pvt Ltd
  • Ansaldo STS Transportation System India Pvt Ltd
  • Bonatrans India Pvt Ltd
  • Faiveley Transport Rail Technologies India Ltd


SME Railways Companies are as follows-

  • Central Provinces Railways Company Ltd
  • Touax Texmaco Railcar Leasing Ltd
  • Ved Sassomeccanica India Pvt Ltd
  • Pandrol Rahee Technologies Pvt Ltd
  • Noida Metro Rail Corporation Ltd
  • The Luxury Trains

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