How to generate more high quality leads ?


There is a huge debate over generating high quality leads for B2b companies. Marketing are able to generate leads by using different channels. But to maintain quality has became a critical issue for them. It is difficult to generate high quality leads for every company. There are many ways to complete this goal-

Account Based Marketing- It is new trending word in B2B scenario. The method is helping companies to generate qualified B2B sales leads. There are many reasons why which companies are opting for account based marketing. The reasons are listed below-

Account based Marketing – It is strategic approach to generate leads. Now many companies are diverting their focus to ABM due to its various benefits-

  • It increase the relevance of account
  • Find the best value from marketing effort
  • Create highly engaging content for the client
  • Enhances the relevance of account
  • Takes customers to inspiring journey.

How to do account based marketing to generate qualified leads?

You need to follow a step by step process for lead generation through account based marketing. First acquire b2b database from any trusted source. Fundoodata is one of leading corporate database providers in India. It is helping companies in fulfilling sales goals by providing realtime, refined and quality database with key executives contact details.

Social Media Channels-

Social media channels are driving growth for companies.  It has opened various avenues for B2B marketing through advanced targeting methods. Although, Linkedin is one of the growing channel for B2B companies. Major chunk of B2B marketing budget is spend on social media due to various targeting. It gives to opportunity to reach old customers as well as target new ones.

Cold Calling 

Cold Calling still works but if done on targeted list only. There are many ways to generate leads through cold calling. It involves creating a lead centric platform. Still it is believed to be some of the marketers that you are missing lots of opportunities if you not calling to your customers. But, telemarketing is regarded as bad practice in some of the cases. But,  marketers can generate high quality leads by integrating cold calling with account based marketing. The chances of generating leads through cold calling gets improved if you are calling to right person only.

Digital Marketing

New media has emerged as one of the main source to generate high quality leads. Lead generation through digital marketing start with website promotion. You can promote website by using different methods like social media, google adwords, seo, blogging and email marketing.

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