How to make Email Marketing @ CXO level work..!!

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Today all the marketing/ sales professionals are really confused as to which strategy they should adopt so to connect with decision makers.Ask any expert he shall agree that connecting straight through the board line number to take an appointment or talk directly is a very tough job. In that case, email marketing really works.

The options which are being used today are-

(1) Tele calling team- keep calling so as to get the appointment using all the gimmicks of false representation.

(2) E-mail marketing- barging the email boxes by sending lakhs of emails.

(3) Linking through social media- primarily to conncect through Linkedin , facebook, twitter etc.

What has been found is that email marketing is being used heavily by everyone because of cheap cost but does it really work at CXO levels ?

The probability is low. Reason being –

i. Today since there are lakhs of companies which are sending these sort of emails, every company’s IT dept ensures that they have firewalls in place so that these mails do not reach the inbox of CXO’s.

ii. Even if it is strategised that the email reaches the inbox, the CXO is a such a person who is always short of time & his chances of viewing the mail goes down.

The ratio of a CXO viewing the mail is thus very very low. So what should the sales guy do so as to connect with the CXO to make sales ?

(a) It is advised that instead of sending mails in one go, the emails should be send individually & most important they should be personalized. With this the probability of email reaching the inbox is very very high.

(b) The subject line of the email should only talk about advantage to the company, so that the CXO gets interested.

(c) The email should be very short, crisp and to the point so that CXO is able to read it in just 15 secs.

(d) Request for time to call or meet should be given so that CXO responds to it.

Once the email has been sent it is very important to connect immediately through telephone & social media sites. What Fundoodata advises is

Mail connect & talk” or “Talk connect & mail “, this ensures that the connection happens & most imp. sales takes place.

To wrap it up E-mail marketing at CXO can bring out amazing results if it is well strategised with CALLING & CONNECTING .

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