How to Connect with Ceo of Companies

ceo of top companies

Want to connect with CEOs of top companies for your business commitments? Ceo is the decision maker of any company. He is right person who is ultimately going to close the deal. You can easily connect with ceo of small companies. But it is difficult to contact ceo of top companies. Fixing the appointment with MD/CEO may be time consuming and lengthy process. Because he is the most busy person in company.


Linkedin is huge professional network. It gives the opportunity to connect with the top decision makers of company. Here, you can connect with junior level executives. Linkedin is one of the largest professional network. It also provides various subscription plan that would directly help in connecting the key-executives of companies. The largest professional network is providing various subscription tools such as sales navigator and many more to connect with top level executives.

Personalized Mail

Email marketing is also an effective method to connect with top level executives. For this purpose, you have database of key-executives. Then only, you would be able to connect with right decision makers. The success of B2B email marketing depends on sending right mail to right person. It can be done by acquiring database from trusted source. But here is the question why the CEO will give the revert on your mail. He will revert you back only if you move forward with problem solving approach. So, first perform the in-depth research about the company then only write mail.


Referral is most popular method to connect with ceo of top companies. It is one of the best way to connect with ceo . But, it time consuming process to build relationship for the referral network. It is also very old technique that is difficult to apply in professional environment.

Approach to junior level professional first 

Directly connect with ceo can be daunting task. So, first approach with junior level professionals first. In many case, you can start directly communicating with the ceo. It happens rarely in case of referral. So, first connect with the company secretary. Then only, you could proceed further for fixing appointment with ceo.

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