Best Tips to Make Successful Sales Calls


Are you looking for the strategies for successful sales calls? A successful sales call is a key to generate sales leads . The strategies for successful sales calls is as follows-

Develop a professional greeting

Don’t just say hello and jump into your telephone presentation without taking a breath or allowing the other party to participate. Your greeting should err on the side of formality. Begin with Mr., Mrs. or Ms, as in “Good morning, Mr. Smith.”Or “Good evening, Mrs. Jones.” Everyone else says, “Hello.” Be different. Be professional.

Don’t bad-mouth competitors during sales calls.

The biggest self-sabotage mistake during a sales call is to speak ill of a competitor. Due to a psychological quirk called spontaneous trait transference, research has shown that whenever you say bad things about someone else, your audience puts those same traits on you. If you say your competitor is low quality and unreliable, your potential client can’t help but associate those traits with you, even if they know logically that you are talking about a third party. So no matter what, when it comes to gossip about competitors, always say “no comment.”

Set a daily goal to contact new prospects.

“I encourage people to get a number in their head,” Kadansky says. “Every day I’m going to reach out to two people I don’t know. That can be over the phone, by email, or via LinkedIn, she says. “The point is to be proactive with new contacts on a daily basis, which is entirely possible if you make it a priority.

Ready for Rejection

You should be ready for rejection. During the sales calls, it is not essential that you will be selected all the time. Every call cannot convert into lead. So you should be ready for the rejection. Otherwise you may have face trouble. You will get disappointed all the time.

Mention the Purpose of Call

You need to mention the purpose of call first. Then only you can decide that customers is listen the whole conversation of not.

Try to Arrange for Meeting

You can try to arrange for meeting to convert call into sales lead

Charge Your Mood

You need to charge yourself first while making sales calls. Don’t make sales call with bad mood. Otherwise you may loss your sales leads due to losing temper. So always keep your temper in control while making sales calls.

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