B2B Sales Tools to Achieve Sales Target

There is lots of curiosity about  B2B sales tools among companies and marketers. In today’s time, many B2B sales tools introduced into market. But you cannot believe on the credibility of every tool. Here i am going to discuss about best B2B sales tools that are worth to discuss for B2B sales professionals-

Fundoodata.com- One of the Best Sales Tools to Achieve Sales Target 

Fundoodata.com  is one of the best sales tools to achieve your sales target. Fundoodata.com is leading B2B website. Here you can view list of companies from all Indian cities and Industries. You can also filter companies. You can also filter by  company type and entity by using advance search page .

It is one of the best sales tools to target right B2B customers. Here you can search the list of companies that you are willing to target. Accordingly you can also make calls as well as connect with key executive. This exclusive sales tools also provide key executives business email id through paid subscriptions. Thus B2B sales professionals can send direct mails to their prospective customers. Even can also send brochers, flyers, letters etc.

Fundoodata Mobile Subscription 

Fundoodata Mobile Subscription is an effective sales tool for professionals while on the go. It gives freedom for instant access of  top key executives email ids within few clicks. All you need to do is to take the subscription plan for paid version. Through this subscription, you can view key executive details of any of chosen company instantly. This sales tool is very effective for all level of sales professionals from medium to top. Even junior level sales professional can get benefited from it. Access Fundoodata Mobile Subscription 


Linkedin has emerged as one of the best sales tools for the professionals. Linkedin Sales Navigator is designed and built for sales and relationship professionals to grow and establish relationship with the prospect customer.

Linkedin also works as free sales tool. Here anyone can search the list of targeted B2B customers and can connect with them. It also facilitates to send personal messages.


How to Select  B2B Sales Tools for Business

It is hard to choose best B2B sales tool for business. So here is most important thing is to decide business goal and select right target audience. Then marketer need to map how to reach their target audience. Now select best B2B sales tool as per market goal.

Budget constraint is also big issue with some of the companies. Also read the reviews of genuine customers online. Ask with the friends working in sales profiles if they have prior experience of using B2B sales tools.

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