Best B2B Lead Generation Tools

b2b lead generation tools

Looking for lead generation tool for B2b to accelerate the sales. There are many B2B lead generation tools that can help you achieve your sales and marketing goals. Using the the right B2B Lead generation tool can help you to reach the target audience. There are many lead generation tools are available in market. But, here we are going to discuss about highly result oriented tool.

There are various stages of lead generation including offer creation, lead capturing and lead nurturing. Every stage, you are required to take the help of tools to nurture sales.

Real, Refine Corporate Database – Best B2B Lead Generation Tool 

To generate B2B lead is the common problem among B2B sales professionals. It helps them to grow their business with effective and efficient manner. Real, Refined Corporate Database is one of the best lead generation tool. It helps to get maximum leads in your budget.

Here are some of the most effective tools your team can use to implement a cost effective and rewarding lead generation policy.

How Fundoodata helps in B2B lead generation-

You can access online corporate information of best 90,000 thousand companies in India. These companies have been selected after doing huge research. Fundoodata provides 100% verified companies data. It helps you to connect with right decision makers with right business email id. Here, you can choose from key executives contact details including MD, CEO, Marketing, Sales, Finance, HR, IT, Purchase, Admin etc.

The B2B lead generation tools is having advance search filters where you choose potential clients list as per your business goals. It provides advance search filters that helps in saving your research time. FD subscription plan helps you to get access to decision maker, company, designation and head office complete address. You can also filter company turnover, employee, company entity, company sector, employee number range etc. It is best suited for those who are looking for continuous prospecting and research to get daily target companies.

Generate Leads on Your Mobile 

You can also generate leads on your mobile through FD mobile subscription. It is one of the best B2B lead generation tools. Fundoodata has stringent validation process where you can generate quality leads. FD mobile subscription gives the opportunity to view contact details of MD, CEO, CFO, Functional Head, IT, Marketing, Admin, Purchase etc. The FD Mobile subscription is suitable for those who are looking for small data and want to connect with less than 500 companies.

Some Other Free B2B Lead Generation Tools

There are many other B2B lead generation tools that must be discussed in current scenario. These are the free tools that are helping companies in their business and sales growth.


Linkedin is helping B2B professionals to connect with their target audience. It is one of the best tools to connect with companies and decision makers. There are many ways to generate leads through Linkedin. You can access for paid plans as well as use free.

Slide Share

Slide Share is also helping small and medium scale business owners in brand building exercise.  It is cost efficient lead generation tool to reach the prospective customers for your business.


 Quora has emerged a b2b lead generation tool  where companies are actively engaging their prospective customers. Here, B2B marketer can generate leads by resolving the queries of their customers related to the product and service. It is an effective tool to approach customers indirectly and effectively by providing solutions to their problems. It is very helpful for medium and small scale businesses. They can also do the brand building by using Quora. It is one of the best B2B lead generation tools.

Fundoodata Free Search 

Fundoodata Free Search is one of the best B2B lead generation tool. It is helping B2B sales professionals to find the companies of their choice as per their sales goals. You can prepare the list of companies by using Fundoodata free search tool. Although, free search would only help in creating the list. If you want to reach out the customers

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