What is B2B Sales Process- How to Do B2B Sales

B2B sales process

There is a lot of discussion about the B2B sales process. Still, business owners are confused regarding the right process for B2B Sales. But traditional method still works to convert B2B sales prospects. It is to take an appointment and give the demo of the product. It can be done by using the right method to approach the customer. Never approach client directly. It might confuse him.

Select the Prospective Customer

It is the first step of B2B sales process. Right customer mapping is the crucial process. It can help in reaching the target audience. It is the first step for making reliable sales strategy.

Select the Contact Point

Now you need to select the contact point. It will help in directly approaching the right customer with the right perspective. You need to select the contact via email or direct phone. After preparing the list of companies, filter key executives whom you want to contact.

Send Mail 

Now send them the mail and seek for an appointment. Introductory mail can also be sent.

Follow Up Call 

Make follow up call after sending mail to customers. In B2B sales process, you send mail to the top level of key executives such as marketing head. Such executives are stuck with their busy schedule. So it is very important to remind about mail through the call. You can also send follow-up mail once in a month. Avoid repetition in short intervals.

Fix Meeting

Try to fix an appointment with the prospective customer. So that you can give the presentation about your product and explain into detail. Everything can not be discussed through phone and mail. So it is necessary to fix an appointment with the prospective customer and convert leads through good presentation skill.

Important Resource for B2B sales 

Company Database is one of the most important resources for B2B sales. Fundoodata is leading provider of company database with list of top companies in all sectors. You can also access to key executive contact details of all companies including MD, CEO, CFO, Marketing, and sales head. Fundoodata offers real-time and refined corporate information.

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