B2B Email Marketing Trends

b2b email marketing trends

There are many B2b email marketing trends that are influencing the industry. Email marketing is one of the crucial tool to generate B2B sales leads. It helps in directly reaching to the target customers. But it is necessary to follow latest B2B email marketing trends to get desired results. Account Based Marketing is one of the latest trend that must be integrated with every email marketing campaign.

Mobile Friendly Design

Mobile open rate of emailer has increased slightly in last few years. That is why companies are focusing on mobile friendly email design. It would help in increasing the number of leads. Internet users on mobile are increasing rapidly. So every online communication should be mobile optimized.

Simple Design

Keep the design simplistic. The time gone when email marketers create lengthy and colorful designs. Now the every email is scored on the basis of readability. Your email should be very clear and design should be simple.

Sending Mail to Only Right People

Create the email list of only prospective client. Sending bulk email would waste time and money of marketing team. So first identity your prospect client. Then buy corporate database from trusted supplier with key executives email ids and name. It would help out in sending personalized messages.

User Friendly Content

Consider about the user while creating the content. Don’t make the things complicated. Make it easy to understand and simple. Here, user friendly content refers to creating the piece of content that user can perceive easily.

It is important to first understand your audience before creating user friendly content. This B2b email marketing trend must be be followed to achieve your goals. It will stand out your email marketing campaign in competition.

Compelling Subject Line

A compelling subject line very much ensures the success of email marketing campaign. The subject line should be decided on the basis of many factors. Create highly targeted message with subject line. There are many more factors that need to be considered while creating subject line for B2B email marketing.

  • It should be informative.
  • Create highly targeted subject line as per the customer requirement.
  • Clear and Concise
  • Avoid exclamation to deal with spam issues.
  • Add some special offer with the subject line.

Target Message

Create highly targeted message to increase conversion ratio. Gone are the days when marketers keep on sending bulk mails. The tendency causes spamming and low sender score. So, create customized and target message for better results and ROI.

Target message is one of the most popular B2B email marketing trends. Now email marketing should be integrated with the Account Based Marketing. It is a B2B marketing trend that clearly targets the different set of accounts. It works on the basis of personalized campaigns. In account based marketing, the message is designed in such a way that it caters to the specific set of audience. ABM has become an effective method to increase B2B sales.


Everyone is creating content and sending discounts. To differentiate yourself, you need to make sure you are offering valuable content. To provide the most value to your audience, your content must be helpful and must establish trust and credibility.

Problem Solving Approach

Your customer might have some special problems that can be solved through your product or services. So instead describing about the products and services, focus on sending customer-centric message. First identity your customers problems and create message with problem solution approach.

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