Account Based Marketing vs Inbound Marketing

account based marketing vs inbound marketing

Which one is to select – Account Based Marketing vs Inbound Marketing? This is common debate these days among the marketers and b2b sales professionals. Account Based Marketing is replacing traditional lead generation since last few years.

More Leads Vs Qualified Leads 

Lead Based Campaigns covers broader set of audience in comparison to account based marketing. ABM is highly targeted approach where you work only on specific set of audience.

Lead-based marketing sends loosely targeted messages to broad categories of a target audience, drawing in lots of individual leads that may or may not be right for your brand. ABM creates a ‘market of one’ at each account, and sends strategic messages to the team members you most want to reach.

Satisfied Customers Vs Increasing Leads

Account Based Marketing is targeted approach to acquire satisfied customer. While inbound marketing campaign, more inclined towards increasing number of leads only. It is  business orientated approach that focus on gathering clients with less focus on their problem areas. On the other hand account based marketing nurture leads by building trust and credibility.

Closing Big Deals

Lead generation marketing draws leads from all sorts of levels and companies. While account based marketing is done with much bigger approach. Here the average contract value could be higher in comparison to lead generated through other mediums.

Account Based Marketing works on step by approach to target customers. They are familiar with each client in terms of pain points, competition and industry. Here the client is also familiar with the company’s product and services. So the chances of conversion are higher. There is a major different while discussing account based marketing vs inbound marketing.

Highly Targeted Vs Broader Approach 

ABM is highly targeted while lead generation requires to approach widely. It saves both time and money of the prospect customer due to opting for highly targeted approach.Lead generation is a broader approach. Here, the company is not very much aware about the audience.

ABM is Next Thing in B2B Marketing

ABM is next big thing in B2B marketing sphere. It offers lots of benefits over traditional lead generation methods. Many companies have reached way ahead in Account Based Marketing due to recognizing its potential. That is why ABM has gained huge popularity over a period of time.

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