Account Based Marketing Tools


Looking for the best account based marketing tools for the success of your ABM goal. There are many ABM tools in market that can help you to acquire new account as well as nurture existing ones. Some of the ABM products can be integrated with third party sales and marketing applications such as Customer Relationship Management, CRM Software and Marketing Automation.

Account Management

Account Based Marketing Strategy requires continuous sales-marketing communication, general organization wide awareness of target account and ongoing sales.  Salespeople making contacts and marketers receiving leads need to know quickly whether this account is already in talks for a deal as well as the results of any investigation by sales or marketing into whether the account is a good fit for their products.

Account Based Tool 

Data is the prerequisite requirement of Account Based Marketing. It helps reaching your target audience. It is account based marketing platform that should be evaluated on following criteria-

  • Accuracy of data
  • Effectiveness of lead qualification
  • Robustness of data
    • Availability of data for target accounts
    • Varied sources and types of data
    • Relevant data to industry or selling strategy

How to Use Account Based Marketing Tools?

Right usage of account based marketing tool is major requirement of the success of ABM. Formulate the right strategy to reach your goal. Filter the data as per your target audience. Every company has some set of audience where they want to reach including region, location, industry, turnover, no of employee-wise.

Your target industry can be manufacturing, advertising, media, automobile, BFSI, capital goods, courier, packaging, consumer durable, engineering, export, import houses etc. You can select the companies as per the industry you want to target.

Follow these steps to use Account Based Marketing Tool 

Define Target Audience

First define your target audience by selecting the industry, city and companies you want to target. The target audience wholly depends upon the nature and location of the business where it is operating. for example- if the company wants to expands the business to Mumbai then account based marketing should be done only to companies operating in Mumbai.

Define Right Contact Point

There can be various contact points in any company. But the success of ABM wholly depends on the connecting the right contact points including MD, CEO, CFO, Sales, Marketing and Admin.

Create List of Companies

Filter out the list of companies where you want to connect. For this purpose, connect with the trusted company database provider. Fundoodata is one of leading database provider, helped many top companies to achieve their sales and marketing goals.

Key Executives Contact Details

Connect with the right contact point of that company. Send them customized communication to convert your prospective account into qualified leads.

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