Frequently asked Questions

What is ? is a pool of information about all top Indian Cos. & MNC's in India . All the companies have been researched and have been entered by the research team

Is it a Yellow page ?
Fundoodata is not a Yellow Page. It is a database of companies which are researched by our research team

How much is the database validated ?
This data has been verified by the team on an on-going basis through out the year. However seeing the dynamics of the market , no guarantee can be given for the telephone nos and contact details

How is it different from other database portals ?
There is a major difference . the target of Fundoodata is to get the top companies in all the industries first and then the other companies.

Do you provide the list of small companies ?
There are lots of companies in the database, which we are small but our research team has found to be good to be listed on the site

Can we download the database ?
Yes, however that is a paid service for which you can ask for

Can we get the name of Key professionals ?
Yes, it is provided and at the time of giving they are also validated. This is a paid service

Can my company be listed on the site ?
You can inform us about your company and if our research team finds it to be good it would be definitely be listed

Is there any charges for listing of the companies ?
No, right now there are no charges for the same

Are new companies added ?
Yes , every day new companies are added to the site