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Total No of Cos : 157, Total No of Key Executives : 1281

Companies in Fundoodata
Legend Turnover No of Cos
 0-10 Crs87
 10-100 Crs44
 100-250 Crs18
 250-500 Crs4
 500-1000 Crs3
 1000-2500 Crs1
 2500-5000 Crs0
 5000+ Crs0
 Not Applicable0
No of Employeewise
Legend No of Emp. No of Cos
  1-50 67
 2501 -50004
 5001 & above7
Legend Sector No of Cos
 Private Sector157
 Public Sector0
 Govt Sector0
Co Type
Legend Co Type No of Cos
 India`s Top 5000
 India`s 501-10001
 Industry Best52
Legend City No of Cos
 Bangalore / Bengaluru21
 New Delhi24
Regional wise
Legend Regional No of Cos
Co Entity
Legend Co Entity No of Cos
 Public Ltd Cos - Listed1
 Public Ltd Cos - Unlisted8
 Pvt Ltd Cos101
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Big Groups of India working in the industry
A2Z Global Kalpataru Quess

India's 501-1000
Tops Security Ltd (Topsgrup)    

Industry Best
A 2 Z Infraservices Ltd A La Concierge Services Pvt Ltd Absotherm Facility Management Pvt Ltd Almal Industries Pvt Ltd
Ambience Associates Arrow Enterprises AVON Facility Management Services Ltd Avon Solutions & Logistics Pvt Ltd
Bakshi Security & Personnel Services Pvt Ltd Bharani Hospitality Services BVG India Ltd ( Bharat Vikas Group) Chatterjee Cleaning Arts Services Pvt Ltd
Checkmate Services Pvt Ltd CIS Bureaus Facility Services Pvt Ltd Classic Maintenance Services Pvt Ltd  

Braitrim India Pvt Ltd Compass India Support Services Pvt Ltd CP Plus India Pvt Ltd ISS Facility Services India Pvt Ltd
JURONG Consultants (India) Pvt Ltd Lindstrom Services India Pvt Ltd Unger India Pvt Ltd  

007 TaskForce Abad Property Management Services Pvt Ltd Absolute Security Services Pvt Ltd Adeco Energy India Pvt Ltd
Advantech Services India Pvt Ltd Aeromech Equipments Pvt Ltd Agni Safety India Pvt Ltd Akash Integrated Facility Services Pvt Ltd
Alano Motors Pvt Ltd Amara Security Services AMPS Electrical Facility Services Pvt Ltd Amsse Products India
APM Group Aquamax Systems India Pvt Ltd Arison Facility Management Service Pvt Ltd  

Jackonblock Facility Services Pvt Ltd Sarvaloka Services On Call Pvt Ltd   

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