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Total No of Cos : 186, Total No of Key Executives : 1541

Companies in Fundoodata
Legend Turnover No of Cos
 0-10 Crs93
 10-100 Crs68
 100-250 Crs17
 250-500 Crs5
 500-1000 Crs1
 1000-2500 Crs2
 2500-5000 Crs0
 5000+ Crs0
 Not Applicable0
No of Employeewise
Legend No of Emp. No of Cos
  1-50 74
 2501 -50001
 5001 & above0
Legend Sector No of Cos
 Private Sector178
 Public Sector8
 Govt Sector0
Co Type
Legend Co Type No of Cos
 India`s Top 5000
 India`s 501-10000
 Industry Best60
Legend City No of Cos
 Bangalore / Bengaluru20
 New Delhi23
Regional wise
Legend Regional No of Cos
Co Entity
Legend Co Entity No of Cos
 Public Ltd Cos - Listed1
 Public Ltd Cos - Unlisted28
 Pvt Ltd Cos126
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Big Groups of India working in the industry
L&T LNJ Bhilwara Mahindra Mukat

Industry Best
Aarvee Associates Architects Engineers & Consultants Pvt Ltd ANEWA Engineering Pvt Ltd APITCO Ltd Aquarius Engineering Consultancy Pvt Ltd
Aquatherm Engineering Consultants India Pvt Ltd Archivista Engineering Projects Pvt Ltd Arki Techno Consultants India Pvt Ltd Assystem-India Pvt Ltd
Avant-Garde Engineers And Consultants Pvt Ltd Babcock Borsig Softech Pvt Ltd Biotech Consortium India Ltd Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Ltd
Consulting Engineers Group Ltd DD Berg Project Consultants Pvt Ltd Desein Pvt Ltd  

AF-Consult India Pvt Ltd Bechtel India Pvt Ltd BMT Consultants India Pvt ltd Camp Dresser & Mckee India Pvt Ltd (CDM)
CH2M HILL India Pvt Ltd Coastal Energy Pvt Ltd DMT Consulting Pvt Ltd Dorsch Consult India Pvt Ltd
Fichtner Consulting Engineers India Pvt Ltd Gherzi Consulting Engineers Pvt Ltd Holtec Consulting Pvt Ltd Hyperion Systems Engineering India Pvt Ltd
IHS Parts Management Pvt Ltd Intent Design Ltd Intertek India Pvt Ltd  

3EG Project Management Consultancy Pvt Ltd A A Architect Ainapur Consultants and Engineers Amazon Envirotech Pvt Ltd
Anandmay Engineers & Consultants Pvt Ltd Aqua-Air Environmental Engineers Pvt Ltd Arcon Engineers ARYA Engineering Services
Associated Engineering Services Avinash EM Projects Pvt Ltd Birla Technical Services BPC India Pvt Ltd
BroadMind Consultant BS Technologies Pvt Ltd Cadmaxx Solutions Pvt Ltd  

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